Sunday, March 27, 2011

Punning and Rebus Bookplates

The bell punning bookplates are like tribbles . They keep breeding until they take over your album.
I am not sure when I started collecting punning and rebus bookplates. It just sort of happened.I had one or two near each other in an album and they started reproducing . Gloria Swanson's rebus plate is one of the most innovative ones I own.
Hettie Gray Baker worked in Hollywood for most of her adult life and built a world class collection of celebrity bookplates.The collection is at the Hartford(Conn.) Athenaeum and well worth a visit
George H. Bell was the Governor of New Hampshire
Mr. Bookman's bookplate is illustrated in The Art of the Bookplate by James Keenan
Robert O. Foote's plate was designed by Ruth Saunders

Most of the punning and rebus plates in my collection are in the English language.If you have the time and are so inclined please send me scans of examples in other languages and I will add them to this posting.
By the way, I have added a bookplate search engine to the blog .It is located on the upper left side and will enable you to find information I previously wrote about. It always amuses me when I do a search about an artist or owner and come up with something I wrote about and had completely forgotten. See you next week.


MrCachet said...

My favorites? Mr. Theodore Jack (although I'd have really been able to dig it if it were the Jack of Spades), and Mr. George Wheatley. I could tell he really loved a good good because the wheat weaving tells me so. ;o)

MrCachet said...

Oh yes - I forget to mention that you used a play on bookplates by placing Mr. Lyon laying down next to Mr. Lamb.