Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Sarah B. Lattimer Collection

The Sarah B. Lattimore collection arrived this week . It included about thirty duplicates by Frederick Spenceley and an equal number of duplicates by E.D. French .

It was not a large collection ( about 174 plates) but it contained many unusual items. I would like to focus on a few of the mystery plates in the collection in case one of you knows something about them and can help me.
Among the thirty Frederick Spenceley duplicates these are two of my favorites.Bird & Son was founded in 1795 and Spenceley engraved this plate for them in 1912. The company, now called The Bird Corporation is still in business today. Here is a link about their history:

The Krotona Institute of Theosophy plate was engraved in 1915. They are sill active today although at a different location.

Do any of you know who did these two bookplates using Bewick images. Based on my initial Google search of the owner's names I suspect William H Vodrey( 1872- 1954) was a prominent resident of Beaver Valley , Ohio and Thomas L. Leeming was a Brooklyn Architect.

This printed plate for Marshall Rutgers Kernochan was the highlight of the collection .It appears to be a photgraphic image by Edward Steichen.

The plate for Tony Kales is another one of the mysteries. Fellow collector Richard Schimmelpfeng determined that he was a child movie star who appeared in some of the Our Gang films. All the Walt Disney plates I have previously seen were " universal" packaged items. This one appears to have been custom designed for Mr. Kales. Was the plate done for him by Walt Disney or did he kidnap Mickey and Minnie and Pluto ?

A treasure trove of 74 books from the library of Thomas Jefferson was recently discovered.
Will wonders never cease?
President Jefferson did not use a bookplate. He used a secret code in the signature.
Follow the link for more information.

The American Antiquarian Society has done an excellent job of digitizing Paul Revere documents. including bookplates. Here is a link:
As I get further information about the mystery plates I will update this posting.
See you next Sunday

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