Sunday, March 06, 2011

The Washington D.C. Book Show

I purchased two copies of the Will Gilliland Jun.bookplate at the Washington Book Show (one for my collection and one to trade). I suspect it is American but need to do much more research. The family name Gilliland appears in several Google searches but the most likely candidates are from New York State. If you know something about the plate please let me hear from you.

One of the areas I focus on are bookplates from the libraries of famous people. I recently purchased this bookplate used by the Jazz legend Benny Carter (1907-2003).
Here is a link with biographical information:

It is interesting to see how the way we use words changes over time. The rubber stamp on a bookplate from The Library of the Philadelphia Hospital indicates it is from The Insane Department. I have another bookplate which I can't locate right now which is from The Widows
and Old Men's Home.

Here is another example. Nowadays, the word cheap more often than not has a negative connotation like in cheapskate. In the mid 1800's it was something to promote in your advertising.

It seemed to me that many dealers at the Washington Book Show were actively selling.
We may be getting out of the economic slump. Books , art and antiques are leading indicators. If their sales are increasing that is a good omen. I did well at the show. Once every decade you hit a perfect storm and I came home with ten eighteenth century American bookplates.

Right now I am playing catch-up ,having been away for several days so this is a short posting.

See you next Sunday.

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