Sunday, June 19, 2011

Booksellers, Circulating Libraries and Umbrella Makers


I look forward to receiving a weekly email from  This was how I found this bookplate for R. H. Perdue designed by H.B.Quinan in 1897 .If you click onto the link you may be able to find a book sale where you live.
Would you believe I had every intention of writing about circulating libraries in California this morning until I started looking at this group of labels from England. I haven't looked at them for quite some time and found the fine print entertaining. Mr Croydon for example sold books and made umbrellas while Mr. Baker among other things sold genuine medicines. These trade labels are not easy to find but one thing  I always ask booksellers is if they have a box of detached boards.That grimy box stored in the basement sometimes turns into an unexpected treasure trove.If you hit pay dirt in following my suggestion send me a note about what you found.

 Next week if all goes according to schedule I will write about circulating libraries in the U.S.

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