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California Booksellers and Circulating Libraries

I recently sorted through a large collection which was  rich in California booksellers and circulating libraries.
If you would like to send me additional information about these booksellers it would be appreciated and will be added to the blog.. Send your comments to
Copper plate engraving.The artist was Ward Small.Mr Roger was the owner of the Tecolote Bookshop in Santa Barbara
This bookplate seems out of place for California but  it  was noted Santa Barbara Bookseller so I have included it .

6/27/2011 Additional Information
You latest listing of subject plates is interesting. Perhaps you already know but just in case ---
The Gelber and Lilienthal plate is from San Francisco and dates to the period between the Wars. Their house publications were issued under the Lantern Press name and their books were printed by Robert and Ed Grabhorn, who published from the 20's to the 70's under the Grabhorn imprint.
Ernest Dawson was the long time premiere bookseller in Los Angeles - the shop being continued by one of his sons, Muir, who, I presume is one of the five silhouettes. Ernest published books by Ward Ritchie and Lawrence Clark Powell - printer and librarian respectively. He authored a short piece, "A Visit with Dr. R", referring to Dr. A.S.W. Rosenbach, the Dean of American high end booksellers in the early 20th century.
Cordially, Lee Harrer
I have also included several bookseller labels.
The Green Dragon Colony was a place where actors , authors ,and other came to spend time and practice their crafts.
"Since there is a Catalina Ave. in Pasadena, I thought I would do some searching on the internet and I came up with a website that gives the story of a Dow Family. There is a reference to this book store as being operated by one Helen Brown."
 The website is

I suspect that the shop was in one of the small store fronts in the Academy Theatre building, which are still there today.

This information was sent by fellow collector Jim Lewis

The bookseller label shown above was for Gelber Lilienthal Inc.
If you want to see an excellent site about bookseller labels follow this link:

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