Saturday, September 01, 2012

American Name Labels Part Five

I found two more examples which are   similar to the Ann Franklin label mentioned in part three. My assumption about the printer of the Ann Franklin plate may have been clouded by wishful thinking.Perhaps the plate was used by a different Ann Franklin.The last thing I want to do is spread misinformation so I will back away from my from my previous assumption  until more research is completed..

John Campbell, Charles County

James B. Wilkinson, St John's College Annapolis

I have not found any references about this owner.It is interesting to note that the college is still in existence

James Monroe, President of the United States
Portrait of James Monroe

Facts at a Glance

5th President of the United States (1817–1825)
April 28, 1758, Westmoreland County, Virginia
“The Last Cocked Hat,” “Era-of-Good-Feelings President”
College of William and Mary (graduated 1776)
February 16, 1786, to Elizabeth Kortright (1768–1830)
Eliza Kortright (1786–1835), James Spence (1799–1800), Maria Hester (1803–1850)
Political Party
Writings (7 vols., 1898–1903), ed. by S. M. Hamilton; Autobiography (1959), ed. by Stuart G. Brown and Donald G. Baker
July 4, 1831, New York City, New York
Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia
A Life in Brief
James Monroe was the last American President of the “Virginia Dynasty”—of the first five men who held the position of President, four hailed from Virginia. Monroe also had a long and distinguished public career as a soldier, diplomat, governor, senator, and cabinet official. More »

Benjamini Morris, 1744

This is another plate for which more research is required.I had always assumed it belonged to one of the early settlers of Bucks County, Pennsylvania but I have yet to find hard evidence to support my assumption..

William Morris (Allen # 596) Engraved by Francis Shallus

Germantown Library Engraved by Francis Shallus

James P. Parke

It's nice to include a label where the research should be fairly simple.

William Peachey Of Richmond

After seventy five years on earth I have a fairly good understanding of my strengths and weaknesses.
To be perfectly candid I don't usually have the patience to do detailed I am going to cite only one reference about a possible owner of this plate , hopefully I have chosen correctly.

I will be back again on Sunday to complete this series about name labels.

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