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Cowboys On Bookplates.

Ken Maynard, American Film Actor and Stuntman

BornJuly 21, 1895, Vevay
DiedMarch 23, 1973, Woodland Hills
Ken Maynatd's bookplate was printed on a silk thread paper and Tom Mix's bookplate was printed on simulated raw hide.

Thomas Edwin "Tom" Mix was an American film actor and the star of many early Western movies. Between 1909 and 1935, Mix appeared in 291 films, all but nine of which were silent movies. Wikipedia

BornJanuary 6, 1880, Mix Run
DiedOctober 12, 1940, Florence
SpouseMabel Ward (m. 1932–1940),Victoria Forde (m. 1918–1931), More

R.F. McGraw's bookplate  depicts a Maynard Dixon painting from 1940.
The printing technique used puzzles me. Under magnification the ink has a 
texture similar to crinoline .Perhaps it was silk screened..I would be delighted
 to purchase  other Maynard Dixon bookplates . If you would like to learn more 
about his bookplates you might want to obtain a copy of California Bookplates
from the Book Club of California .They may still have a few copies left for sale.

I have not been able to find any biographical information about Philip Azarie Poirier..The artist's initial is N .Does anyone out there know anything about the owner of the plate or the artist ?

11/12/2012 Fellow collector Jerry Morris was kind enough to send the following information:

Dear Lew,

If you haven't found it already, here is some info on Philip Azarus Poirier, whose bookplate you displayed in your Sept 2012 post: Cowboys on Bookplates.

Philip's sister, Lydia M. Poirier was a bookplate collector. She was the librarian at the Duluth Public Library in the early 1900s

The artist who designed the bookplate for Lewis Winchester Jones is Bodrero (signature in lower right corner of image), I did find a James Bodrero who is best known for his work at Disney Studios but I do not know if it was he who designed the bookplate.Here is some biographical information about the Disney artist:

Born in Belgium on July 6, 1900. Bodrero was named for his uncle, artist James M. Spalding. He began drawing and painting as a child and remained self-taught. As a teenager he was working as a freelance artist in NYC, submitting work to national magazines and illustrating for authors. In 1925 he settled in Pasadena and in 1938 went to work in the art department at Disney Studios as a story director and character designer. There he created Dumbo the elephant, the ostrich who danced in "Fanta (showing 500 of 1029 characters).

Alfred Henry Lewis  

American journalist and author. His bookplate was designed by Frederick Remington

Don Louis Perceval

This is a working proof by Anthony Kroll.. A cattle brand has been embossed at the bottom and the owner's name has yet to be added.
 Ref Page 12 Bookplates In The News 1970-1985 by Audrey Arellanes

Elizabeth Phillipps Dowling

I know technically Mrs. Dowling  isn't a cowboy.
 .I guess that's what you call poetic license.

See You Next Sunday.

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