Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jessie M.King Bookplates

The Art Nouveau style characteristic of renowned Scottish artist Jessie Marion King (1875-1949) is instantly recognizable and will be familiar to anyone interested in the illustration of children's books and the design of jewelry, fabrics and painted pottery in the first decades of the 20th century. A leading enthusiast for her work is Colin White, author of The Enchanted World of Jessie M. King (1989). His later book A Guide to the Printed Work of Jessie M. King (2007) includes images of her work on an accompanying CD-ROM. Unlike the majority of ex-libris, King’s bookplates can be classed as fine art, and they command a corresponding price, especially those printed in color, some of them using gold to magical effect.
Forming a major part of the forthcoming Autumn 2012 issue of The Bookplate Journal is Colin White’s updated and expanded edition of the descriptive text he wrote for The Bookplate Society in 1995. The 32-page article comprises an essay on King’s work, followed by a checklist of her bookplates, both the ones she completed and her unfinished designs. Not only are all the colored bookplates reproduced here in color, but two or three additions have come to light in recent years, and there is more information about these bookplates than appeared in White’s books.
Let me again encourage readers to join The Bookplate Society and to receive this high quality journal as part of their good-value subscription. Non-members who wish to obtain just this issue should act quickly (the deadline is October 14, 2012) to take advantage of a pre-publication offer.
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