Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bookplates , Bookish Ephemera and Watch Papers

This weekend there will be two excellent book shows in New York City.

The ABAA Show

The Shadow Show

If you are planning to be at either show and have some bookplates for sale or trade please let me know

Watchpapers  ( they are circular jewelers advertisements, dust protectors, and written records of when a pocket watch was last oiled and cleaned )

Here is a link  from Bibliodyssey about watch papers in England.

 This is an atypical English watch paper

Richard Newman focuses on 18th century American pocket watches and watch papers.
Here is a link to his new website

Richard also sent me the following information:

"Lew, three of my favorites, all right around the turn of the century.

Perhaps the most sought after American paper is for the eminent maker Aaron Willard who worked in Boston in 1792 and his watch paper is purported to have been engraved & printed by Paul Revere. It features intricate engravings around the circumference.

Aime Brandt emigrated from Switzerland to Philadelphia in about 1795. Seafaring themes were popular on early papers. The anchor is a symbol of hope and together with a goddess holding a watch is perhaps an appeal for sailors to return safely and quickly.

Joshua Wilder from Hingham, Massachusetts is another eminent clock maker from the turn of the century and his paper pictures a wide selection of watches that one could see in his shop, along with a new and popular shelf clock design that was providing an alternative to expensive and cumbersome grandfather clocks. This example is a wonderful reminder to readers that the primary purpose of watch papers was for advertising."

I collect watch papers also, but there are not enough dollars or hours to pursue the hobby aggressively.
. Here are three examples  of folk art , homemade watch papers from my collection::

Fragile Paper cut on felt

Bookish Ephemera
Bookseller's labels are usually discrete and small. John Lindmark was an antiquarian bookseller in Poughkeepsie, New York . He was a gifted self promoter and his book label  which is six inches wide by 5 inches high is the largest one I have ever seen.
It was pasted on the inside front cover of a 1930's Bookman's Yearbook. .At first I thought it was a shipping label.but there is no return address and the blank space is very small..

More Lindmark ephemera

Mystery Bookplate
I believe this bookplate is from France. Does anyone out there know who GB was ?
It was originally in an 1847  copy of Revue Archéologique

See You Again on Sunday.

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