Thursday, April 18, 2013

James Doyle Jr. Baltimore Bookplate Designer

There are many competent bookplate designers about whom little or no published material is available.
James Doyle Jr. is such an artist . His daughter Sister Madeleine Doyle wrote about her father in the fall 1990 issue of Maryland Historical Magazine .Beyond that I have found  very little. He worked at
The Baltimore Morning Herald in the early 1900's and in 1908 he became a member of the Baltimore News art staff where he learned about etching. Many of his bookplates were designed for friends family and newspaper colleagues.

His most famous bookplate was designed for H. L. Mencken.
 It is printed in three sizes.

Warren Wilmer Brown (1884-1946) was on the staff of The Baltimore News

George A. Colston (1876-1935) was a Baltimore banker and investment broker

W.S. G. Galloway(N.D.-1948) was a purchasing agent for The B& O Railroad and an ardent yachtsman.

John Martin Hammond(1886-1935) was the author of Colonial Mansions of Maryland and Delaware.

No Biographical information has been found.

No Biographical information has been found . 
In his book he was cited as a friend and contributor by John Martin Hammond

"Richard D. Steuart (1880–1951) was a journalist in Baltimore, Maryland known as Carroll Dulaney, the name he used for his Day by Day column in the Baltimore News-Post. Steuart was also an historian focusing mainly on Maryland history and the role that Maryland played during the American Civil War. He maintained a vast collection of Civil war era firearms and assorted artifacts, many collected personally from the battlefields he visited. Most of his collection was donated to the Virginia Historical Society. His donation earned him and honorary membership in the society. His is the only non-Virginian to earn such a distinction"

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With your help a comprehensive checklist can be developed.

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