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This Week In Bookplates 5/23/2013

     This very unusual bit of bookplate ephemera arrived recently and I am just starting to do some research.
The framed group of five leather bookplates was used by Charles J. Sawyer Ltd , booksellers and fine art dealers.
The Red bookplate is for R.Esmerian who I suspect might be the collector Raphael Esmerian,
The next bookplate is nameless.
The small brown bookplate in the center is for Marten
The blue bookplate is nameless.
The larger brown bookplate is for Alfred B. Koch
The prices on the back are difficult to read from the scan.
“Cost of blocks from £20 to£40 according to design
Bookplates 1 S/6 d each for quantities”of not less than 50”*
*Note received from Anthony Pincott about this pricing-
“in other words at a pre-decimalisation (pre-1971) price of 1 shilling and sixpence each "

One Thing Leads To Another #1

While I was trying to find out if the names on the leather bookplates were for actual  owners I started to search the name R.Esmerian and stumbled upon a 2009 interview  with the noted bookseller John Windle.
Here is a link to the article .It is well written and fascinating. . I wish I had the movie rights to his  life story.

One Thing Leads To Another#2

Several weeks ago I posted the Gandy image shown above. It was and still is a mystery bookplate about which I would like to learn more.The image inspired Shaun in England and he sent me the following Email

I started to learn hand engraving within the last year,and am always looking for suitable images to engrave. Bookplates are ideal as a reference to learn how to achieve an effect,and came across your site.

There is an art from called a 'Love Token'. A coin is filed flat on one side,and an image engraved. The link is a pic of a Silver 1944 Walking Liberty silver 1/2 dollar. I used a bookplate image that had the Eagle and the words 'Gandy' from your site.

It's not exactly how I would have liked it to come out,but my ability improves with each coin I engrave and it went for $62 dollars on Ebay,but probably took 10 hours to engrave :) If  I ever do something similar,it might take just as long,but look much better.

The pics on your site are really good quality,thanks for taking the time and effort.
Cheers Shaun "


New Book about Paul Revere Written by Fellow Collector/Dealer Tom Boss

Paul Revere's Bookplate for John Gardiner of Gardiner's Island
By Thomas G. Boss

Printed letterpress in an edition of 50 copies by John Kristensen of
the Firefly Press in Boston. All copies have tipped in reproductions
of the John Gardiner bookplate and other Revere plates, including the
John Butler plate which is only known in two copies and which has
hitherto not been reproduced in print. The first fifteen deluxe copies
are printed on Zerkall handmade paper and are accompanied by an
original print of the Gardiner Revere plate, mounted in a gilt frame
but easily removable for placement elsewhere in a collection. All
copies of the work are hand bound in red wrappers. The thirty-five
regular copies are printed on Neenah Laid paper.

The text of the book comprises a short history of the Gardiner's and
Revere bookplates followed by a list of holdings of Revere plates and
a ranking of rarity of each one, ranging from no known copies to
thousands of examples!

Regular edition......$150
Deluxe Edition.......$3,500

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