Friday, August 10, 2012

Collector Profile Thomas C. S- Wixon

Several months ago I was contacted by Thomas C.S-Wixon .He explained that most of his bookplate collection had been destroyed during hurricane Katrina. He was particularly interested in obtaining a copy of the 18th century American bookplate for John Pintard (Allen#686) , one of his ancestors.
If you can assist him he can be reached at

After several discussions I realized he was a  not only a bookplate collector but also a collector of seals.
These "chops" were used in China on scrolls,manuscripts and official documents hundreds (perhaps thousands) of years before bookplates appeared in Germany . He also is an active collector of miniature books and art pottery.Here is a newspaper article about these varied interests.

" I have over 200 hundred seals (will let it go at that!). The seal I am holding is an 18th century Imperial household bronze seal. One of my best, historically.  I was given the Chinese name "Sage Falcon" because my surname: Sokolosky has the root word of Falcon. So my main "bookplate" seal is "From the library of the Sage Falcon". For special books I have one that reads "A Treasure from the library of the Sage Falcon".

                                               The Image shown above is used in my favorite  books


                                   Links Worth Visiting

The American Society of  Bookplate Collectors and Designers has an updated website with useful information

Exlibris land has updated it's bookplate exchange website.

From My Crest Collection

From time to time I have been purchased small crest collections
.I really know very little about this hobby and was pleased to find this website.

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