Sunday, September 29, 2013

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Last week I attended the Rittenhouse Art Show and purchased this bee bookplate from Marina  Terauds.
She is a very talented print maker whose bookplates are worthy of your consideration , if you are finally going to bite the bullet and have a bookplate designed for yourself '
Here is a link to her website

Here are two European dealer websites :

Dr. Wolfgang Rieger deals primarily in German bookplates.This is one of the items (subject to prior sale) from his website

Soder, Alfred (1880-1957) : Ernst Rippmann. Wooden cross in rose-trees, behind houses in countryside.In 1909. 115 x 57 mm, Etching (green on white)  
back small mounting remnants - Witte, Bibliography 3, 94 f, 31 Thieme-Becker, Vollmer 4; Gutenberg 10,621 - signed and dated in the print order number / order number: 36879 20.00 € (architectural landscapes Basel Switzerland and Ireland United States)

Jacques Laget deals primarily in French bookplates but he does have a few items from other countries

Here is one of the items (subject to prior sale)  from his website:

RHEBERGEN (Jan)Ref: 00327510.00€ 
bois grav√© en couleurs , 20° , HOLLANDE - JAPON 
Seimiya (Hitoshi) 188-1969

Okay , I slipped this one in because it makes me feel good.
Grandson Harrison walking with me yesterday.

Here is a thoughtful well written blog about medieval manuscripts;

                                                 The Flight into Egypt, Walter Art Museum, MS W.188, f.112r

One Last Thing
Next weekend (October 5th &6th ) is the Allentown Paper show
See you again soon .

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