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The Bookplates of Edward Leighton. Doty

This is the second in a series  about bookplate artists who have not left much of a published trail.
Edward L. Doty worked in Boston in the 1930's
If you have any bookplates by him which are not shown below please send a scan to
Over time, working together we may be able to build a checklist along with some biographical information for future generations.

In my attempt to find some background information I unearthed the following:
In 1939 Mary E. Doty of Lynn, Mass. donated bookplates engraved by Edward Leighton Doty to the Museum Of Fine Arts in Boston.

None of the bookplates were illustrated but these are the ones for which I will try to obtain images.
Roger Amory
Andrew De Coppet
General William Franklin Draper
Tudor Gardiner
S.M.Incedo Super Ignes
Dennis King 
Mission House, Stockbridge- 10/15/2013, Image found and added below
Perth Amboy High School ,The James Chapman Prize
 Henry Parrish Roosevelt

 I plan to contact the museum in order  to obtain more information and hopefully some additional scans.

11/13/2013    Within hours of yesterday's posting about Edward L. Doty I received the following information:


Just some background on Edward Doty:

Edward Leighton Doty was born in Brockton, MA  on 05 Aug 1895, the son of Edward L. and Mary E. (Dowey) Doty.  Edward had a poem entitled “Thankfully Received” published in Breezy Stories, v. 5, #5, January 1918, p. 74.    In 1918, he was employed as a copper plate engraver for J. P. Ogdin?, 7 West St., Boston.  In the 1920 census for Cambridge, MA, he is listed as an engraver in a stationery store, and in 1930 as an engraver.   It is likely that he never married, and seems to have resided with his mother until his death in 1939.    The Boston City Directories of 1916-26 list him as an engraver at various addresses, along with his brother, Kenneth R. Doty.  In 1927, he is listed at 651 Boylston, with the notation “Doty Studio.”    In the 1930-31 Boston City Directory, he is listed as a “steel and copper plate engraver, with his brother, Kenneth R. Doty also listed as an engraver at the same address.  The 1937 Cambridge, MA city directory lists Edward without this brother, as an engraver at 49 Dana.



The Boston Public Library Bookplate was designed by Mr. Doty in 1939 and engraved by A.J. Downey

The Cabot Fund Bookplate was engraved by Mr. Doty in 1937

 No you don't need new eyeglasses  In 1933  Mr. James D. Henderson a resident of Brookline , Mass. had Mr. Doty engrave a ridiculously small  bookplate .It is one sixteenth of an inch wide and two sixteenth inches high .It is nicely mounted in a presentation folder,If you click on the image it will enlarge slightly. ..

Leonora  Blanche Kimball's plate was engraved in 1938

The George Burgess Magrath  Library plate was engraved in 1934

In Mission House bookplate Mr. Doty used the initials ELD

Stewart Mitchell's plate was designed by Richard Andrew in 1937 and engraved by Mr. Doty in 1938

Horton Winter Reed's plate was engraved by Mr. Doty in 1937

Charlotte B. Webber's plate was also engraved by Mr. Doty in 1937

That about wraps it up for today. See you next week.

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I don't usually have favorites, but the Horton Winter Reed bookplate is quite charming. I think his name adds to the charm.