Sunday, November 24, 2013

This week in bookplates 11/24/2013

I recently purchased this bookplate by Viggo Jacobsen and was able to find information about it at this link.

This is entry #7 in the animal bookplate contest. It was submitted by James Keenan.

You can see all the submissions here
You can also see the prize you might win along with the contest rules here
The Contest ends at midnight (E.S.T) on New Years Eve
send your submission to
How to build a collection 
Have you noticed that there is more and more clutter on Ebay combined with rapidly rising prices ?
Here  are a few time tested tips to help you build your collection without having guilt pangs about telling white lies to your spouse about what you paid for that must have bookplate.

Hand Bookbinders

If you search the internet you will find one or two older craftsmen who specialize in hand bookbinding.
More often than not they are hard wired pacrats who save every scrap of leather, marbled paper and even bookplates.Connect with your local hand bookbinder by telephone and explain that you are a collector
 Ask if they have  accumulated any bookplates over the years which he might be willing to part with..
If they have none see if he can  recommend a colleague who might have some.

Library Book Sales in the U.S,A.

Most communities have library book sales where you  can obtain books and books with bookplates inexpensively..Here is a free weekly service you can get about book sales in your area.

Join a Bookplate Society

Most countries have bookplate societies. Through these organizations you can meet other collectors with whom you can exchange duplicates.and learn more about your hobby.
I am a member of  two societies:Americian and U.K.

A comprehensive list of bookplate societies around the world

Antiquarian Booksellers

Your local antiquarian bookseller can assist you if you make yourself known to him (or her)
When I enter a store for the first time I usually gravitate to the poetry section because books in that section tend to have more bookplates.

Bookplate Exchanges
Exchange your duplicates with other collectors.
Here are seven duplicates I currently have for possible exchange:

More tips will be posted here as they are received. 
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