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This Week in Bookplates 10/3/2013

The  first entry for the new bookplate contest * was sent by Don Hobbs

This was submitted by Don Hobbs
I created this from: El perro de Baskerville [Translated by José Francés] Madrid: Editorial Prometo, 1920. 222 p. Illustrated by Rafael de Penagos.
Valencian translation: Houn.
From the Galactic Sherlock Holmes and the collection of Don Hobbs
Copyright 2013© Fairdale Press

Don Hobbs has  over 11,000 foreign language versions of books and stories about Sherlock Holmes

The second entry came from Gordon Collett

Entry Number Three 
Submitted by James M. Goode

The giant Anteater is a wood engraving by Richard Wagener .

The design is based on a bronze statue at the National Zoo in Washington D.C. by Edwin Springweiler.

Entry Number Four Submitted by Richard Schimmelpfeng

Smug Looking Dragon


Entry Number Five Submitted by Tom Boss

Bookplate of Dr Leo Silberstern, an etching by Otto Siebert, Vienna, 1910,

Entry Number Six
Submitted by Michael Kunze

The bookplate  belonged to  Walther Spielmeyer, a German  Neurologist and Pain Researcher, 1879-1935;
The design & etching artist is Fritz Schwimbeck, Munich  (1899-1977);
The cruel design seems to symbolize  pain which should be defeated

Entry # 7  From James Keenan
  This is a fine example for a bookplate design   by Hristo Kerin  with the type style and layout used for my name thoughtfully worked into the Labyrinth

Entry # Eight Submitted by Debra A. Walker

Piggy go fetch my book

A Quote from Winston Churchill

 “I like pigs, 
Dogs look up to us. 
Cats look down on us.

Pigs treat us as equals.”

Entry # 9 from Craig Harris

I humbly submit from my collection, a bookplate of a Kappa* reading. Artist name (not read) - the kanji at the top read "Inegaki Zôshô" translation: Mr. Inegaki's Library.

Entry # 10

Submitted by Michele Behan

The bookplate's owner was Maria Rebecca Audubon (1843-1925), granddaughter of John James Audubon, the famous naturalist and painter. 
The bookplate design was adapted from an original sketch by John James Audubon and inscribed with his favorite motto, "America, my country."

Entry # 11 from Keith Scheid

* I am having a new bookplate contest.
The contest is about the most interesting animal bookplate in your collection. 
The contest will end at midnight (Eastern Standard Time) on New Years Eve.

The judges are Lew and Mary Jaffe.

Only one entry per person and  the bookplate must be in your own collection.

All animals are eligible ( real and imaginary) including Unicorns .

Send a Jpeg scan with your entry to

Polar  Bookplates Recently  Received 

Sir Raymond Edward Priestley (20 July 1886 – 24 June 1974) was a British geologist and early Antarctic explorer.
..I currently have a duplicate of his bookplate for possible exchange.

 Biographical Information About John H. Roscoe

 Links to more Polar Bookplates 

The link shown above was sent by Paul Davies of Kingsbridge Books and was compiled by Rob Stephenson

Confessions of a Bookplate Junkie: Polar Explorers, Part Three

On November 16th I'll be attending both Boston book shows.

If you are near Boston and have bookplates for sale or trade please contact me.

See you next Sunday

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