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Bookplates and Peacocks

Several weeks ago fellow collector/dealer Denetia Arellanes sent me this photo of feral Peacocks in her backyard.. L.A. has at least 4 distinct populations of feral peafowl thriving within the metropolis.  Glendora, where she lives has one.  The Palos Verdes peninsula has one.  La Canada-Flintridge has one and the city of Arcadia has, by far, the largest one .

If you are curious about how these birds wound up in California follow this link:

Many of the Peacock bookplates in my collection are from Californians. If you have any Peacock bookplates to add to this blog posting send scans to

Anita Baldwin's bookplate was designed by Harry French and engraved by Schreve And Co..She was the daughter of Lucky Baldwin the man responsible for bringing Peacocks to California..

Dell Dibble's bookplate was designed by Yvonne Greer 

Nelle Richmond Eberhart (August 28, 1871 – November 15, 1944) was an American librettist, poet, and teacher. Her bookplate was designed by Margaret Postgate .

Dawn O'Farrell's bookplate was designed by Anthony Euwer

Mildred Pearce's bookplate was designed by R. Carex.

Josephine E.S. Porter's bookplate was done by W.F. Hopson

Mr. C.J. Peacock of England has a hand colored punning bookplate  

Bookplate drawn by George Auriol for Alexis Natahn, around 1900

 Submitted by fellow collector/dealer Jacques Laget

Rebecca Eschliman Submitted the two Antioch Bookplates Shown Below

G-516 was from the 1930s (no documentation, because much of the documentation associated with the early years was either lost in a fire or discarded in later years in bouts of overzealous housekeeping. It appeared to be one in a series of experiments with color and unusual paper stocks (this one was ungummed, which was unusual for the universals).

B-125 was offered in the late 1970s, and was offset-printed from a photograph of a needlepoint (actually, it was a needlepoint I had done as a gift for my mother). It never sold particularly well and was withdrawn after only about three years

The Karl Plath plate was sent by fellow collector Nina Allen.It was designed by Carl Junge

6/9/2014 This one by VonBayros (subject to prior sale) is currently on Ebay

Some Interesting Links

Old books (stock image) have a sweet smell with notes of vanilla flowers and almonds, caused by the breakdown of chemical compounds in the paper, while new books smell how they do because of chemicals used in their manufacture

If you have ever wondered why many old books have a delightful aroma follow this link:

From the Special Collections Processing Blog  (University of Pennsylvania) I have extracted  postings about some owners of  bookplates

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