Sunday, August 03, 2014

Bookplate Odds and Ends

Here is a link to a well written, competently researched and thoroughly enjoyable ephemera blog

                                                           British Museum. Prints and Drawings. C.1-193-219
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Generally speaking , there is not strong interest in the copper or steel engravers plates used to create a bookplate. There are always exceptions.. Fellow collector Anthony Pincott sent me this link about
 the Christies sale of  an 18th century copper plate engraved by Nathaniel Hurd for Francis Dana
( Allen # 201).Follow the link if you are curious about the sale price.

In my own collection I have 13 Aluminum plates used by Sara Eugenia Blake. The plates were owned by Mary Alice Ercolini.and eventually became part of Earl Heims collection*. When he died his collection was sold to a gallery in Portland Oregon and I purchased the plates from them. Some day someone will write a long overdue book about Sara Eugenia Blake and hopefully I will be able to loan the plates to the author..

*Earl Heims was a Rockwell Kent collector and he used a Kent image on his bookplate
,I currently have a duplicate for possible exchange.
Fellow collector/dealer Tom Boss sent this mystery bookplate for identification.It is possible the owner's name was cut off. This is one of those bookplates which can drive one bonkers.I know I've seen it before and I have a lingering feeling it is in my collection or I bid on it in the past. Maybe one of you can help Tom.
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Speedy response from Anthony Pincott
Your bookplate queried by Tom Boss is that of Abram P Longbottom  Allen #515.

See you again next Sunday

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