Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Bookplates of Louis Rhead

Louis Rhead (1857-1926)        was among other things
a writer, bookbinder, and book illustrator
 as well as the designer of bookplates, posters and book covers .
Here is a link to hundreds of Rhead illustrations

Rhead's Photo in A Collection Of Book Plate Designs by Louis Rhead published by W. Porter Truesdell

.  The Bookplates of Louis Rhead

 The Angling plate shown below is the same as Fearing # 210 .The inscription in ink on the top is faint.
It says"To Oscar T. Blackburn." . On the grey paper border is written" Printed by Peter Pratt on Birchbark
for Louis Rhead."

If you have any Rhead bookplates not shown here please send me a scan and they will be added.

If any of you have information about Peter Pratt the printer please send it to me.



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