Monday, September 15, 2014

Library By-Laws and Rules

I attended the First  Brooklyn Book and Antiques show on Saturday .The booths were well stocked , the promoter did a bang up job of promoting  and I met  five dealers who have "bookplates back at home"..I always follow-up these leads and keep my fingers crossed.
The most interesting item I found was not a bookplate. It is a  New Haven ,Connecticut tavern receipt from the early 19th century.I am gathering information about the Tavern and the owner Justus Butler
and will write more about it when my research is completed.


I've accumulated quite a few early 19th century library by -laws notices over the years and found this one at the show..Does anyone out there know which institution used the letters S.M.C.T.A.L.?
I assume the last two letters are for Association Library..If you have similar items and want them added to this posting please send a scan to
I scanned everything in my own collection and welcome additional scans 

 I made the following pencil notation on the back of The Newport Label
See The History of Newport from 1766 to 1878 Chapter XX , charter granted to Hubbard Newton in 1803

 The Phillips Academy label is not about By-Laws but I included it because I would like more information about it.. By the way, when you are digging around book shops and not finding very much be sure to ask the seller if he has a box of old detached boards.Sometimes you can find some really nice bookplates in such boxes.
"The Philadelphia Typographical Society was organ- 
ized in 1802, and enjoys the distinction of being the old- 
est existing organization of the craft. Up to 1831 it 
existed as both a benevolent and a trade society, as was 
the rule among the early societies. In 1831 it became a 
purely benevolent association."


 This Williams College item is  from the 18th century

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