Monday, September 29, 2014

Science Fiction Bookplates

In 2007 I wrote about bookplates used by science fiction writers and collectors.

Here are three recently acquired science fiction plates

                                                         Walter Karig

"Walter Karig (1898–1956) was a prolific author, who served as a U.S. naval captain. Karig authored a number of military history works on Allied naval operations during World War II. Karig wrote scripts for the television series Victory at Sea. Besides his works on naval history, Karig was a novelist, publishing under his own name. He also worked as a journalist.
For the Stratemeyer Syndicate, Karig wrote volumes in the Perry Pierce series (2–4), Doris Force series (3–4), and Nancy Drew series (8–10). Oddly two of the three Nancy Drew books had Helen Corning in them and Bess and George out of them.
Among Karig's many novels is Zotz! (1947), a satirical story dealing with an archaeologist and linguist, Dr. John Jones. After deciphering an inscription on an ancient disk, Jones is imbued with deadly powers. For Jones can merely point at an animal or human, and they faint. If he utters the word "Zotz" while pointing his finger, the person or animal will die. Because the novel is set duringWorld War II, there is a patriotic flavor to it. Also, much of the plot revolves around Jones' efforts to obtain an appointment to see President Franklin Roosevelt, with the hope that he can convince the President that the Allies can use his supernatural abilities to help the war effort. Karig has written himself into the novel as a beleaguered naval officer working at a U.S. Navy public information office, where dozens of people parade by his desk daily all trying to obtain appointments to meet with the "highest authority" in the United States government. Although Karig's novel is set the then present, he manages to point out that humans have not changed much in millennia. Technology may have improved, but humans still have a strong desire to destroy and to kill. Thus Karig manages to blend a satire on wartime Washington D.C. bureaucracy with ethical questions related to the advent of the nuclear war."

U.S. Navy photograph of Captain Walter Karig, housed at the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum

                                              J.Algot Eriksson

 J.Algot Eriksson's bookplate was purchased on Ebay and I do not know  very much about it.
Additional information would be appreciated.

Garrett Chatfield Pier

"1875-1943) US author of Hanit the Enchantress (1921), in which a Yale expedition to Egypt discovers what seems to be a Lost World, into the heart of which the lead of the expedition plunges by Timeslip, where he falls in love with the spitting image of the twentieth century woman to whom he is betrothed. "

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