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A Checklist of Bookplates by Anne Jope

Anne Jope  has taken the time to  respond to my  email inquiries as follows:

How many bookplates have you produced ?

"I should start by saying that in total I have only produced 15 bookplates. all done before 1992. They are wood engravings, so are hand engraved in reverse onto boxwood blocks and then each bookplate is individually hand printed on an Albion-type press (an Atlas). These were fun to do for friends or as commissions but I came to the conclusion eventually that the amount of effort and preparation were uneconomic and so chose instead to concentrate on limited edition prints, illustrations and paintings."
I thought your readers might be interested to see the beautiful Atlas printing press on which wood engravings and linocuts were printed (attached below).

Can you compose a few sentences about your training?

BA Hons in Fine Art (Painting) at Central School of Art and Design, Holborn, London, followed by Post Grad Advanced Printmaking, where I studied with Blair Hughes Stanton, a great printmaker, and Ian Mortimer.

Do you want to include something about the galleries that represent you?
I exhibit where I can but don't have any that represent me. I'm a member of several societies who have annual shows and sell work, and of course do illustrations to commission.

Can you send me a Jpeg of a limited edition print,illustration or painting ?

Attached below is a limited ed. linocut print 'RIVERBANK' (16 overprintings of transparent ink on several pieces of lino, and lots of textures), now sold out.

'Riverbank', was done about the same time as the bookplates,. 
The image is much larger; it measures 59 x 40 cms.

The Checklist

The two images not scanned were:
Dora Thornton, which in the end was unsuccessful because even though the image was acceptable, we could not agree on the style of lettering,
G. Ingli James, a small image of a mountain."

Alex Allan *

John S. Allitt

KC (Katie Clemson)

JD (J Deary)

J Deary

S.E. Deary (Koala)

DG (David Gluck)

Andrew Grout

DI (Douglas Irvine)
G Ingli James (no scan available - small image of a mountain)

Simon King

Franco M Pastore

BHS (Blair Hughes Stanton)

Pat Sullivan

Note From Lew

Alex Allan 
*From  blog postings in 2008-  I purchased the Alex Allan bookplate in England after seeing it in The Bookplate Society Journal (vol.v11,1989). It is a wood engraving by Anne Jope and it is one of the earliest if not the first plate depicting a computer. The owner may be the larger than life Alex Allan ,Chairman of The Joint Intelligence Commission Of The United Kingdom and Grateful Dead enthusiast. 

The Plot ThickensAfter I completed this weeks blog I started doing more research about Alex Allan , the spymaster. Around July 5th of this year(2008) he was found semi - conscious , in a pool of blood at his home.There are several conflicting news stories, pneumonia , poisoning ,a botched assassination attempt and then all news coverage seems to disappear. Very strange indeed.

Update- October 13th, 2008- I am truly impressed. Alex Allan promptly responded to my Email inquiry as follows:

"Dear Lewis

Yes, the bookplate is mine. My wife was an artist, and a friend of Anne Jope's. She commissioned Anne to do the bookplate for my birthday one year.

I don't use any other bookplate, I'm afraid.

Best wishes
Alex Allan "

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