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Bookplates Depicting Members of the Cat Family

Everyone has a favorite cat bookplate so send me a scan of yours and it will be added to this blog.
In fact,, if you also want to send me a photo of your own  cat I will include it...

Here are two links with 22 Bookstore Cats


Benjamin Walker Bours
 There is a copy of this plate in The University of Delaware collection with a notation that it was designed and engraved by Shreve and Co.

David and Hermione Chambers *
Woodcut by Pam. G. Rueter (1980)

Kitty Downing
Drawn by Gordon Craig (Blatchly 61)
A kitten provides a punning subject for this bookplate for the wife of the antiquarian bookseller and publisher William Downing (1844-1910),.He ran the Chaucer Head Bookshop in Birmingham .

Leo Dries *
woodcut by Elisabeth J.M. (Elly) van den Hoeven (1950)

Mark A. Glaser

Lionel B. Goldschmidt
Mr. Goldschmidt was an Africana book collector.

Dorothy Grau
Mary Duchess of Bedford
Engraved in 1899 by W. P. Barrett

Mary Jaffe
Two universal bookplates hand colored by my wife Mary

Louis Katz
Punning bookplate dated 1922 , artist's initials EK

Louis Lion
Punning plate by Margot Lion dated 1907 Hamburg

I'd like to find out  who GM, is and who designed the plate.

Mystery Bookplate ?
I'm not sure if this is a bookplate.The latin phrase says
  from the claw (we may judge of) the lion :  from a part we may judge of the whole

Bob and Epsie Morse
This bookplate was engraved by Luis Agassiz Fuertes

Alice Dyar Russell
The owner was an author and the artist's initials are DS

Gordon Smith
Gordon Smith is a bookplate collector .This bookplate was etched and hand colored by Elly De Koster in 1996
D.H. Souter
HI Lew
Here's an Australian cat example.  More details from my book, Australian Personal Bookplates.  Souter used the cat as his motif.
Andrew Peake

Isidor Straus
" Mr.Straus (February 6, 1845 – April 15, 1912) was a German-born American businessman and co-owner of Macy's department store with his brother Nathan. He also served briefly as a member of the United States House of Representatives.. He died with his wife, Ida, in the sinking of the passenger ship RMS Titanic "

Ernest Alan Van Vleck
This bookplate was designed by Charles Livingston Bull (May, 1874 - 1932) ..He was an American illustrator.. Bull studied taxidermy in Rochester, New York and is known for his illustration
of wildlife.

Elisa Vidal
  This bookplate was engraved by Fernandez Saez

Greet Verduin *

etched in 3 colours by Ank Spronk-Veenstra (1983)
Bradley L. Wallace
Designed by Frances Revett Wallace

Jouke Zwiers *
copper etching by Anneke G. Kuyper (1984)

* These items were sent by fellow collector Jos Swiers

6/22/2015 Rebecca Eichliman submitted the following information:
There were a number of cat-themed universal bookplates Antioch Bookplate produced, including one that started out as a custom design and was adopted as a universal design and was a bestselling design as long as the company lasted (M-750).

From different eras at Antioch Bookplate

57 Stenzel was from the 1940s when Antioch Bookplate acquired the Stenzel Company bookplate line

W-41 from the 1970s, possibly by staff artist Tom Till

B-157 from the early 1980s, likely by staff artist Joan Corbitt

6/22/2015   Karen Gardner just submitted the following additional information :

Hi Lew,
I hope you're doing well. I've been staying fairly busy. I saw your cat post and wanted to send some for you to add. The cat on top of a stack of books (design B212) is Antioch Bookplate's quintessential cat design. I put somewhat of a watermark on it because I've seen it copied (sometimes with variations) online quite a bit. It was introduced by Antioch in the 1960s, after having been created as a personal design for LaDonna Ruth Brooks. It is one of my most popular designs. 

 The second one, A108, is a homey setting with a cat by the fireplace. It was created in the 1950s by David Sarvis, who was at the time an Antioch College student. He created many designs for the Antioch Bookplate Company. 

All the best,
Bookplate Ink


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