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Physicians With Interesting Bookplates

I have always been drawn to physician's bookplates . They often depict a medical specialty with striking clarity.Occasionally they are   humorous .

If you have similar items send scans to and they will be added to this blog posting.

Weston D. Bayley (1864-1931)
Dr. Weston D. Bayley was a Neurologist who taught at the Hahnemann Medical College in Philadelphia.  Throughout his life he was actively involved in the study of hypnotism and psychic research. The artist who did the bookplate is unknown to me and his(her) cypher is shown below.
Dr. J.W. Brinkman *
Woodblock print by the Dutch artist Nico Bulder, made in 1931

Reginald Burbank
Dr.Burbank was a Rheumatologist and a book collector. He was the chairman of the Section of Historical and Cultural Medicine at the New York Academy of Medicine.   

Robert A. Chase
"Dr. Robert A. Chase, Emile Holman Professor of Surgery Emeritus and founder of the Robert A. Chase Hand and Upper Limb Center, has devoted his career to approaching medical  problems through the efforts of a team.

Hand surgery, in the vision of Dr. Chase, represents a union of three specialties: General Surgery, Plastic Surgery and Orthopaedic Surgery."

Burrill B.Crohn (1884-1983)
  An American gastroenterologist and one of the first to describe the disease that now bears his name. Although the description of Crohn's Disease is by far his most famous accomplishment, Dr. Crohn had a long career both as a clinician, and as a researcher who contributed to our understanding of many 
gastrointestinal conditions.

Richard Irwin Darnell
Dr Darnell 's practice was in Germantown,Pennsylvania.He was on the staff at Hahnemann Hospital.
His wife Mildred Hollis Darnell designed his bookplate.

Walter Edward Dandy
Dr. Dandy was an American neurosurgeon and scientist. He is considered one of the founding fathers of neurosurgery, along with Victor Horsley and Harvey Cushing.
His bookplate was designed in 1939 by D.H.P
Does anyone recognize the artist's initials ?

Frank Stephen Dolley
Dr. Dolley was the president of The American Association For Thoracic Surgery

M.C. Ennema
I have no biographical information about Dr Ennema but he probably was an opthamologist.
His bookplate was designed by Anton Peck.

Eugene Somer Flamm 

Dr Flamm is the Jeffrey P. Bergstein Professor and Chairman
Department of Neurosurgery
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Montefiore Medical Center
He took the time to respond to my inquiry about his bookplate as follows:

The figure in the center is the Egyptian glyph for"brain" as it appears in the Edwin Smith Papyrus of 1700 B.C.. It is in the oldest known scientific document.
The Latin quotation can be translatedas: Genius survives,all else perishes.It comes from the tombstone of the skeletal figure in Vesalius' great anatomical work of 1543:De humani corporis fabrica.

Julius Friedenwald (1866-1941)
Dr. Friedenwald's bookplate was designed by W. Wirtz
The Hebrew words are from Proverbs 12:18
There is one whose rash words are like sword thrusts, but the tongue of the wise brings healing

Sidney A. Fox(1898-1983)
Dr. Fox  specialized in ophthalmic plastic surgery.
Prof.Dr. Cornelis den Hertog,*
 Landbouwhogeschool, Wageningen, Netherlands (Nutrition education).
Bookplate made by the Dutch artist G. Rouwendael

Richard A. Hopping
Dr. Hopping was a proctologist in New Jersey

Henry Ottridge Reik (1868-1938)
Dr. Reik,  was an author and Ophthalmologist at Johns Hopkins Hospital

Richard Singer
Dr. Singer's bookplate was etched by Amadeus-Dier,Erhard (1893-1969).
 He may not have been a medical doctor..If he was a physician would you want to be one of his patients ?
John Walford
This dated bookplate was engraved by Yates in 1754

 Brian North Lee wrote the following on page 22 in  the March 1998 issue of The Bookplate Journal 
 "John Walford's ex-libris seems milder until one notices the knife in the hand of the cherub at left,who otherwise might seem to be giving a simple anatomy lesson to his fellows, though the one at right is perhaps straining to hear what is being said .Whilst amorini are perhaps more acceptable than human figures in such compositions, it is more comfortable and traditional to see them as harbingers of love"

Ward Williams
Dr. Williams removed  a tumor from the brain of a Syracuse New York boy. That child years later drew the image for the doctor's bookplate.  Fred D. Schlachter designed the outer border.


Notes From Lew

*The bookplates for Doctors Brinkman and den Hartog were submitted by fellow collector 
Joseph Swiers.

Here is an excellent well illustrated  website with bookplates of Maryland doctors.

 Another database of physician's bookplates from Duke University

Mystery Bookplate--Philip Larkin

Fellow collector and bibliophile Benjamin Clark sent me this inquiry:

Dear Lew,
     I'm working on a reconstruction of Philip Larkin's library.  99% of his personal library is intact in full, it looks like (hooray!), but a few books went out with friends, gifted to others over the years so I'm tracking a few through auction records, correspondence, etc. 
      It's recorded he used a bookplate, but I have not been able to find an image online or anyone who can share an image.  Do you have one, or if not, perhaps you are willing to ask your readers?  Thank you!!

If you have information about the Larkin bookplate please let me know.

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