Thursday, February 02, 2017

Bookplates with Cartoons Part Two

This week I have a few more bookplates with cartoons plus some bookplates used by notable cartoonists.
Before I get started let me mention that I will be listing a number of choice bookplates on Ebay in a week or two. If you would like me to notify you when the listings begin send me an email.

Disney characters are used on many universal bookplates.Follow this link to see additional examples:
Shown below is a bookplate which may have been used by Walt Disney.
I have read conflicting stories about the authenticity of the  bookplate .
Here is another universal bookplate

Many years ago I got the S.O.S. bookplate in the $1.00 bin  outside of Mr Allen's
bookshop in Philadelphia..I remember that the abbreviation of the owner's name was S.O.S but for some reason I did not write down his name
No matter what you collect it is easy to identify with Mr. Kennedy

Remus Harris was the grandson of Joel Chandler Harris.
Fred Hartman drew the Red Ryder Comic Strip
Last but certainly not least is Gary Trudeau..I am not sure if he uses this bookplate in his library or for book signings (or both).

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