Friday, August 18, 2006

Soylent Green ,Tom Mix And Sam Colt


Years ago (1973) I saw a movie called Soylent Green with Charlton Heston and Edward G. Robinson.It was , in fact, the last movie Mr. Robinson made.For those of you not familiar with the plot, it depicted a future society in which there was global warming, contamination of the food supply and one in which most people did not read. At the time it all seemed like nothing more than a fine film. Need I say anything more.

Edward G. Robinson and his wife Jane used a simple, off the shelf, (universal) bookplate.I do not know if Charlton Heston uses a bookplate, but I will write to him and keep you posted.

When I was about ten years old (1947) every week day around 4:30 I would religiously listen to the Tom Mix radio show.Tom Mix was a popular cowboy movie star who used an interesting die-cut bookplate in a simulated raw hide suede paper.

Many cowboy movie stars , especially those who were active in silent films used bookplates.Ken Maynard's bookplate is made with some sort of silk thread paper which is very delicate.

No self respecting western star would be without his Colt 44 so I have also included the bookplate for Samuel Colt (1814-1862) The inventor of the breech revolving pistol.

That's about all for now.I will try to add more biographical information about these people throughout the week and would encourage comments .


Dirty Butter said...

Thank you, Lew, for emailing me about these bookplates. My DH is a big fan of Ken Maynard's and he will really enjoy looking at this post.

This looks like an interesting hobby, but you don't take the bookplates out of the books, do you???

Lew Jaffe said...

It depends on the circumstances- A book on the history of motion pictures from the library of Clark Gable would remain intact.On the other hand , the same bookplate in a Reader's Digest condensed book might be removed.

jgodsey said...

heston has alzheimers, i doubt you will get an answer. perhaps from an assistant.

prying1 said...

I recently came across a book ruined by water. It had sat in a box of books in a garage for twelve years right beneath a leak in the roof. - I don't think the rook had leaked for that long but it did leak long enough to hit a stack of boxes...

Anyway, to make a long story longer, while going through the box(es) I came across one that had the Tom Mix book plate. The cover was shot but the insides intact. Better yet the book plate was in wonderful condition.

That is one item it will be up to my progeny to sell. I'm for keeping it as a start for my bookplate collection.