Sunday, August 27, 2006

Children's Bookplates And Meerkats

My Home Library
Every Friday evening my wife and I watch a television series called Meerkat Manor . One of the things that bonds Meeerkat families is grooming and it occurs to me, that reading to children before bedtime is much like grooming.

For those of you who read to your children and want to give them a bookplate click onto the orange link for My Home Library above. You will find this free service delightful .

If some of you out there are especially proud of the bookplate(s) you or your child have already designed why don't you send me a scan. I can be reached at

There are a number of children's bookplates in my own collection and I have scanned a few for your enjoyment. Additional scans and biographical information about the bookplate designers will be added throughout the week.

The bookplate for Harold Chandler Kimball Jr. was designed by Harvey Ellis (1852-1904) who is best known as a furniture designer who worked with Gustav Stickley.
I may be mistaken, but it appears that Harold Chandler Kimball Jr. graduated from Harvard in 1912 and was a casualty of world war 1

I bought the bookplate designed by Winifred Bromall at the Papermania show in Hartford.The artist was unknown to me so here is what I found in a Google search:
"Winifred Bromhall was born in Walsall, Staffordshire, England and was educated at Queen Mary's School, Walsall Art School and Birmingham University. Her family immigrated to The United States in 1924. She worked for a while at The Children's Art Center in Boston and in the art department of a New York settlement house before illustrating full time.

She illustrated her first children's book, Zodiac Town:The Rhymes Of Amos and Ann, by Nancy Byrd Turner in 1921. She continued to illustrate for other authors until 1945, when she began writing and illustrating her own books. Her first self-illustrated book was Johanna Arrives "

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