Saturday, August 05, 2006

Don't Mess With These Guys

I believe Stanley Dressler Lovegrove was an illustrator who lived in Pennsylvania. Can anyone out there verify that?
The Virginia Lewis bookplate is one of nineteen universal (your name is inserted) bookplates designed by Philip Reed and mentioned on page 57 in Bookplates In The News , 1970-1985 by
Audrey Arellanes
10/11/2006 Stop the presses- Malcolm M. Ferguson has contacted me. It turns out he is an 86 year old retired bookseller.I am quoting in part from his letter: "My bookplate was based on my idea, based on two or more Wierd Tales -one being William Fryer Harvey's The Beast With Five Fingers plus another by my late friend, August Derleth. The design was executed by a German prisoner of war after World War II's European aspect had ended , and I was awaiting return home in France."

NewYork Times 2/1/81 by Wolfgang Saxon "Roger Place Butterfield, a historian and journalist died yesterday of a heart attack at his home in Hartwick, N.Y. He was 73 years old. Mr. Butterfield , a former national affairs editor for Life Magazine was the author of The American Past: History Of The United States From Concord To Hiroshima, 1775-1945"

Yellow Springs News Online

I read two articles this week about astute bibliophiles who spotted stolen library books on Ebay.The one that especially impressed me was in Ohio ( see link above) where Scott Sanders at The Atioch Library spotted a book stolen in1956. The clue that enabled him to notify the authorities was the bookplate.

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The book label on the left, from an unknown Englishman, is the winner of my do not mess with these guys award.

The runners up are also shown. If you search Google under bookplate curses you will find additional epithets, from dead monks.

It's Saturday morning and I am going out now to do some bookplate hunting.If anything of merit is found , it will be posted when I return.

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veetraag said...

Loved them all. Especially the one by Virginia Lewis. Is it possible to buy it online?