Sunday, September 17, 2006

Cartoonists Wanted

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I would like to display bookplates used by contemporary cartoonists for their own books or drawn by cartoonists for friends and family. With this thought in mind please send scans to

Some of the bookplate cartoons shown are politically incorrect by today's standards . I know something about some of the artists and owners and would encourage you to send me additional
information. In particular, I would like to know who did the Richard Davis Rivers bookplate.It looks like something from The New Yorker .

Walt Disney(1901-1966)-- This was his personal bookplate and it is illustrated on page 60 in
The Art Of The Bookplate by James Keenan.

The Dougherty's - This sure looks like one of James Thurber's hounds .

Henrik Stenvald- Designed by Per Christensen.

Howard Morehouse - Designed by Nandor Nemeth (1910-1978)

Frieda and Remus Harris -The grandson of Joel Chandler Harris

Three bookplates by C.K. Berryman -(1869-1949)- Pulitzer Prize winner and designer of the Teddy Bear, as follows:

Mary Hastings Bradley - The bookplate is dated 1928. Mrs. Bradley was a travel writer and explorer who took her young daughter Alice with her to the Belgian Congo.In later years her daughter wrote under the pseudonym James Tiptree, Jr..
Reference:James Tiptree ,Jr. The Double Life Of Alice B. Sheldon by Julie Phillips

Hal Harrison Smith- A reporter

W.M.Steuart - Director of The Census.(Note the Teddy Bear Image)

Alice F. Elsener- Designed by Hans Eggiman(1872-1949)

James Allan- The story I was told by the dealer who sold this plate to me was that it was a gift to a young man going to do the lord's work in Africa.

Two universal bookplates- The one by R. Crumb was reprinted with changes as the cover of
Snatch Sampler (1977) The bookplate was drawn for Promethean Enterprises and sold around 1973.

That's about all for now.

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