Friday, September 08, 2006

Cowboys And Indians Depicted on Bookplates

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I have a love hate relationship with computers , cell phones , I-Pods etc.
In general, if something invades my space or peace of mind I resent it.
On the other hand , I like to tinker with things that are easy to learn .That's what drew me to Blogger in the first place .

This week I stumbled upon a collection photo sharing site which is also easy to use and downloaded about forty five bookplates with images of Cowboys and Indians. You can see them at

The two 18th century American bookplates engraved by Peter Rushton Maverick for the New York Society Library were not down loaded to the photo site as I want to write a bit more about the Maverick family in the next few days.Stay tuned.

It's Saturday morning and I have not forgotten about the Mavericks, but I just scanned
some bookplates by Elly De Koster, one of my all time favorite bookplate artists .
I noticed two with Rabbits which I forgot about when I did my July 2nd posting about bookplates with bunnies.

A week has slipped by so let me add some additional information about the Mavericks.Firstly, they were a family of engravers spread over several generations .Two of the most notable in terms of bookplates were Peter Rushton Maverick (1755-1811) and his son Peter (1780-1831)
Between them, they did about 110 bookplates that we know about. The images shown are some of my favorites:

Peter Rushton Maverick- The engraver's own bookplate.This copy is damaged, as are most that I have seen in private collections. I believe The New York Historical Society has all of the Maverick bookplates . The best reference book about this remarkable family is The Mavericks American Engravers by Stephen De Witt Stephens

John Sitgreaves, of New Bern - John Sitgreaves (1757-1802) was a North Carolina delegate to the continental congress in 1785

B.Walker -Engraved in the early 19th century by Peter Maverick when he was located in Newark New Jersey

My next posting will be about cartoons and bookplates.


s plodinec said...

Thanks for checking out my bookplate (
I collect old theology books and through that activity I have been exposed to the wonderful world of bookplates.
I was wondering if you could help me track down some information on an old bookplate in one of my books.
The book is very old, printed in 1497, it is over 500 years old, but it was rebound in either the 17th or 18th century. The bookplate in it is quite old. It says "from the library of Arabella Watson." How could I go about getting information on the bookplate?
If you have the time I would appreciate your help. My eamil is
Thanks for your time,

Lew Jaffe said...

Dear Steve,
I found some information about your bookplate in Ladies Bookplates by Norna Labouchere.It is illustrated on page 80 and I quote from page 77 "Arabella Watson's ex-libris , which is known to exist in three sizes, consists of a plain armorial dhield,pendant from a knot of ribbon." It is English and my guess is 18th century.
You may be getting additional input from others who read this blog.
Lew Jaffe