Sunday, September 24, 2006

Bookplate Ephemera / Exchange Duplicates

By Rudolph Ruzicka
By Bernhardt Wall By Timothy Cole
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Squirl: Duplicate Bookplates, For Possible Exchange

One of the easiest ways to build a collection is to exchange duplicates .To facilitate the process I have posted some duplicates for possible exchange at the Squirl photo sharing site.
Simply click the orange link above to see them. More will be added throughout the week.
My desire would be to exchange for any of the following categories :
American and English bookplates,
Bookplates from the libraries of famous people,
Bookplates with Jewish signs or symbols.
Please send scans or a description of your duplicates to

My preference is exchange;However, I am not against selling an item if that is your preference.

If I have not previously mentioned it, a great source for getting bookplates is your own local bookbinder. They often keep old bookplates and if asked, will sell them to you.

Ephemera Related to bookplates:

Christmas Cards
Bookplate artists often sent their customers and friends etched or engraved Christmas Cards which show up from time to time when purchasing older collections. Many of the cards shown above were sent to Bella Landauer around 1928. She was a wealthy ephemera collector who donated much of her collection to the New York Historical Society. Charles M. Schwab was the president of Bethlehem Steel and Frederick Starr was an anthropologist and bookplate collector.

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Marcus said...

Hi Lew.

I had a look at your blog and I must say the bookplates you have there are very elegant. I´m amazed how detailed many of them are. The exlibris I made is very simple compared to many other but I´m happy with it (I also made another one for my fiancĂ©e).

Greetings from a rainy and cold Finland