Friday, December 08, 2006

The Meerkats Are Coming / Odds &Ends/Trip to Chicago

This is a very rough preliminary sketch of my new Meerkat bookplate.
I wish I had a dollar for all the people who have told me they have been meaning to get a bookplate.What in the world are they waiting for? I expect my Meerkat bookplates from Andy English to arrive before Christmas. If you want to see some of Andy's finished woodblocks go to
For those of you on a limited budget here is a less expensive but very tasteful alternative from the Moontree Letterpress .Their bookplates can be found at:
I have been meaning to mention this for several weeks.The UBC Library's bookplate website has a very nice image management system and some interesting bookplates.
My annual trip to Chicago takes place next week (12/12 through 12/17 ) . If any of you from that area have bookplates for sale or trade let me hear from you. One place I always enjoying visiting when I go to Chicago is Bookmans Alley in Evanston. If you have never been there and you plan to be in the Chicago it is worth a visit.
It's Monday morning and I have stumbled upon an interesting blog about supporting your local bookstores. I have no axe to grind with the chains but do applaud anyone tries to to slow down the extinction of independent booksellers with open stores.
It's Tuesday morning and I will be leaving for Chicago today.This week I have been posting some bookplate sites that are worth visiting. Marcela Groeneveld in The Netherlands is a bookplate dealer whose site is very informative.
One foot out the door but I have got to add one very nice blog about Clifford Berryman's bookplates compiled by Mike Rhoade


Brad said...

Bookman's is just up the street from me. I think I love the ambiance there as much as any of the books on the shelves.

I have about a half dozen perfect Rockwell Kent bookplates, if you're interested in taking a look I'd be happy to meet up with you at the "alley".

I like the blog. Enjoy your trip.

A. Chankin said...

Lew, I just wanted to say this is a really nice site and I appreciate it, even for someone who's not a collector it's a pleasant aesthetic and intellectual diversion. Since you were talking about slowing down the extinction of independent bookstores in this post and seem to visit some I thought I'd mention Dove & Hudson if you're ever in Albany, NY. It's on.... the corner of Dove & Hudson, of course. The name of the intersection about says it all for this bookstore too.