Thursday, July 26, 2007

Kathleen Winsor Bookplate

Pencil notations on pages 52 and 54

While in New York City on Wednesday I stopped off at one of my favorite bookstores (The Strand).
In a copy of English Costume Of The Seventeenth Century , I spotted the bookplate shown above and old brain cells started to vibrate. I know that name but who was she? Even if Kathleen Winsor is someone whose bookplate belongs with my collection of books from the libraries of famous people , how can I be sure this belonged to the real Kathleen Winsor and not a waitress from Hoboken, New Jersey ?
Okay, the next page is signed and dated 1944 in New York City so I have eliminated the waitress in Hoboken.
On to the next clue , a slip of paper inserted in the book referring me to the pencil notations on pages 52 and 54 which meant nothing to me at the time .
The Strand cataloger assured me that this was a book from the library of the real Kathleen Winsor and she used it when doing research for Forever Amber. I never read the book but subsequently found out that the main characters are Amber and her true love Lord Bruce Carlton. So there it is all wrapped up in a neat package.
The book belonged to the writer of Forever Amber.
In doing my research I came upon an enjoyable review of Forever Amber written by Susanna Moore . Here is a link to her review

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Anonymous said...

Kathleen Winsor's bookplate surely belongs in a collection of erotic bookplates. Perhaps the printer made a typo and the bookplate should be labeled [S]ex Libris.

Magnificant blog; keep up the great work.

-Dirty Old Man [DOM]