Friday, October 05, 2007

Bizarre Bookplate Contest 2007/Jessie M. King Prize

This original bookplate by Jessie M. King will be sent to the winner of the bizarre bookplate contest. The Definition of Bizarre.

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James M. Goode a fellow bookplate collector in Washington D.C. sent me a scan of the Sydney Prentice bookplate shown above and asked me if I had any other bizarre bookplates. The only one I could locate is shown below. By the way, if you know anything about the artists or owners of either plate please let me know.

I have decided to have a Bizarre bookplate contest and the Prentice plate will be entry #1

Here is how the contest will work. Send me a scan of the most bizarre bookplate in your collection . It needs to be received no later than Saturday December 1st, 2007 ( one submission per person). The judges(Mary and Lew Jaffe) will select a winner, who will receive an original bookplate by Jessie M. King . Any plates that offend me may be excluded from the contest.
Each week I will show the most recent submissions. Send your scans to

UPDATE Thanks to Mr. Clifford Walker I now have the following information to add:
The Elsener plate was designed by Hans Eggimann (1872-1929)
Michael Kunze sent me the following link with many examples of Eggimann's illustrations

See you next week.

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