Thursday, October 04, 2007

New Bookplate Artist, Daniel Mitsui

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Daniel Mitsui is a freelance illustrator living in Chicago.He graduated in 2004 from Dartmouth College, where he studied paper making , drawing ,sculpture, painting and film animation.The graphic novel that he illustrated and published for his thesis was featured in The International Journal Of Comic Art.
Since 2004, he has concentrated on detailed black and white ink drawings. Medieval religious art is his primary interest, but he is also heavily influenced by early comic strips, biological illustration, and various decorative arts.

Several months ago Daniel Mitsui was unknown to me until I spotted his bookplates during a Google search .I certainly do not need another bookplate for my own library but something about his imagery was magnetic. After several discussions I decided to get another bookplate. Some people like bookplates which reflect their profession or their area of expertise.My inclination is to select images that give me pleasure and let the artist do his own thing.The end result is my new Dragonfly bookplate.

Daniel draws on Bristol board with fine-tipped pens, brushes, and India ink.Prices for an original bookplate drawing range from $80.00 to $200.00, depending on the size and complexity. Reproduction, from the original drawing is is left to the buyer.
This is a negative from my standpoint but I was willing to accept it because I wanted to have a bookplate by this young artist.I will be investigating various printing techniques and your input about printing would be most welcome. Send your suggestions to

Daniel's website is

I have published the blog a bit early this week so I can devote the Sunday posting to a special contest . See you on Sunday

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