Sunday, October 21, 2007

This Week In Bookplates

Submissions for the bizarre bookplate contest have slowed down a bit. The contest ends December 1st. Send your scan to The winner will receive a very desirable Jessie M. King bookplate.
The Peter Bridger plate was submitted by Malcolm Enright and Looby The Magician was sent by Michele Behan. Speaking of Magicians' plates, On October 25th Swann Auction Galleries will sell a world class collection of 115 plates including Houdini's exlibris. The lot number is 142.

What a curse it is to be a seventy year old procrastinating dyslexic preparing for an exam on Tuesday evening ,enough said.

Wednesday, I leave for a three day Bookplate Society sponsored tour of the finest collections in Washington D.C. By coincidence, fellow collector John Titford and his wife Heather will be in Washington so I will meet them in person for the first time.
Here are some interesting links to keep you entertained for many hours :
This new Internet publication tries to track exceptional collector's blogs and websites.
A very scholarly and informative newsletter. The article by fellow bibliophile Steve Beare about the American engraver Samuel Dodd is of particular interest.
See you next week.

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