Sunday, December 02, 2007

And The Winner Is/ D.H. Lawrence Bookplate

I keep a file of bookplates from the libraries of famous people not in my collection. Several months ago I was not the high bidder for a D.H. Lawrence bookplate in a book which the Ebay seller described as a gift from Frieda Lawrence. As I examine it once again, it does not appear to be a bookplate.It is cut unevenly as if it it came from a a dust jacket or note paper from Lawrence's Phoenix Press.What got me reviewing the item was a second Phoenix bookplate recently offered to me as having been used in Lawrence's own books.I have learned that Lawrence sometimes used a Phoenix bookplate on association and presentation copies but it is still not certain whether he used either or both of these in his own library. Several knowledgeable dealers and the D H Lawrence Society of North America have been contacted but if any of you out there have specific information to assist me I would like to hear from you.
First let me thank everyone who participated in the bizarre bookplate contest.We had a difficult time selecting a winner but here it is : The winner is Nina Allen and her submission is shown above.
Here is the URL for a book related website you might enjoy.
I especially like their monthly newsletter
Here is the URL for a fascinating glimpse into the wacky world of collecting
I will try to add a few more tidbits at the end of the day. Right now I am going to put a few more items on Ebay. See you later.
Sunday Evening-6:30 P.M. Here is another interesting site for those of you who want to learn about bookselling: Http://

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