Sunday, December 16, 2007

Two New Bookplate Artists,D.H.Lawrence Update

Ana Flávia Dias sent me this image of her bookplate.

Ivan Locke is an amateur fine art print maker whose current mediums are lino cut and woodcut relief prints and wood pyrography printed in either relief or intaglio.
His blog is

The December 2nd posting included images of " D.H. Lawrence bookplates" I want to thank everyone who responded and mention two experts who took the time to respond in great detail.
Professor Keith Cushman of the University of North Carolina, a noted Lawrence scholar and John Martin , who assembled the greatest collection of Lawrence first editions in America and probably the world.
D. H. Lawrence never had and never used a bookplate.
It is so easy to get hooked on an item presented and misrepresented on Ebay without doing research .Fortunately, in this instance I was not the high bidder.

If you are in Oklahoma you should look into a new organization for bookplate and antiquarian book collectors

Papermania (my favorite ephemera show) is coming up in January. It will be in Hartford Connecticut on January 5th and 6th

One final note : On the way to the 70th birthday party of an old friend in California I plan to spend at least one day in San Francisco looking for bookplates.If you are in the area and have bookplates for sale or trade please let me hear from you.
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Exile Bibliophile said...

Thanks for the mention of the Bibliophiles of OK! I took "Why do you.." question off the questionnaire. That's what happens when I'm the only member with no one to bounce that stuff off of. Hopefully you have a lot of Okie readers!