Sunday, April 06, 2008

Birds,Fleas,Mites and Assorted Tidbits

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NEWS FLASH-I just signed up to exhibit at a flea market in Brooklyn on Sunday April 13th. I'll bring some bookplates, some ephemera, several crates of restoration hardware, old books and whatever strikes my fancy. Here is a link with driving instructions.
Unless it rains real hard I plan to be there and hope to meet some of you. Dr. Friedman's specialty was Scabies an itchy affliction cause by the creature on his bookplate.
Gordon Craig did this bookplate for William F. Gable.

On Friday I went to two book shows in New York City and noticed a pile of books about Hubert's Flea Circus in Greg Gibson's booth.This triggered dim but fond memories of trips to Times Square when I was about fourteen years old. I used to get 15 cent hamburgers at a place called Grants and one time I recall going to a nearby "freak Show" and flea circus.The flea circus was absolutely fascinating and I think I went back a second time. It turns out that Diane Arbus was also intrigued by the place and took many photos there. Somehow the photos were forgotten about until Bob Langmuir, a Philadelphia book and ephemera dealer rediscovered them.Greg signed a copy of the book for me and I look forward to reading it tonight. Since fleas are the topic of conversation I have added two bookplates of some flea relatives.
Book Review- It's Tuesday morning and I finished the book last night. I am going to give it a very mixed review.
On the one hand it brought back fond memories and I certainly enjoyed reading about booksellers and places I know . On the other hand, the "hero" is a self-destructive Nixonian creep who enjoys bragging about all the people he has screwed throughout his life.That unfortunately includes the readers of the book.
This book was written to promote an auction and has the feel of a slick offering from a vanity press. Let the buyer beware.

I have been consolidating two bird collections into one album and have chosen nine images that appeal to me. Here they are. This one was done by Elly De Koster in Holland. Her specialty is natural history and her website is
Charles William Beebe (1877-1962) Author, Naturalist and Explorer

How could you not like a bookplate depicting a happy vulture?

This one was done by Riva Kern.

Paper cut Japanese bookplate

Mary just handed me an article on the front page of The Sunday New York Times about death by blogging. I think I will read it now and hopefully see you again next week.

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