Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Eatons and the Valhal Studio in Brooklyn

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE One of the unexpected benefits of writing this blog is that every once in a while someone offers me something which belongs in my collection. In the early 1900's Hugh and Margaret Eaton had a studio at 339 Halsey St. in Brooklyn . Not much has been written about them since 1905 when The Troutsdale Press issued a 30 page pamphlet with bookplate tip -ins . I previously wrote about them on June 16th, 2007. To survive they produced all sorts of ephemeral items such as bookmarks, illuminated cards, invitations,calendars, bridge tallys. children's books etc. The good news is that a treasure trove of samples and original art work has come my way and I am in the process of sorting and cataloging it. The next few blogs will focus on the output of this remarkable arts and crafts studio. Stay Tuned.

Kimberly De Souza recently completed her first bookplate and would like to do another one. If you are thinking about getting a custom made bookplate she can be reached at

kim_de_souza_@hotmail.com" I currently reside in Singapore, though I spent 5 years of my childhood in Perth, Australia. I just turned 19 and I am currently completing my last year for my Specialized Diploma in Public Relations and Diploma in Mass Communications. I intend to travel the world next year before I start my Degree, hopefully in Fine Arts.The polar bear bookplate was first drawn on sketching paper with graphite pencils. I got the sketch scanned and pretty much just got the drawing reproduced in a smaller scale on matte sticker paper. The polar bear bookplate is a special present for my boyfriend, just because he loves polar bears after reading His Dark Materials."

Here are a few interesting links :

This one from The California State Library Foundation is about the California muralist Maynard Dixon's bookplates.

This one is from Wolfgang Rieger , a bookplate dealer in Germany who illustrates many German plates for sale:
This one from The State Library of Queensland is about Adrian Feint

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