Monday, June 30, 2008

Bookplate News From Around The World

Louis OscarGriffith (1875-1956) was an etcher and painter who lived in many places but is considered an Indiana artist. These two plates by him were recently purchased on Ebay.
I have multiple copies of the Mary A. Warren plate for possible exchange.
In fact, I have multiple copies of many bookplates (mostly U.S. & U.K.) for exchange.

Mark Wilson created a computer generated bookplate which involved a great deal of technical expertise and is described in the link below:

On the way to the Cooperstown book show I stopped off at the Hobart Book Village.It has grown since my trip last year and well worth a visit if you plan to be in New York State.The truth of the matter is I was delighted to see that they are prospering.It takes a group of brave dedicated souls to launch a "book town" and hopefully some of you will visit them and spread the word.
Here is a link

Claus Wittal in Germany has listed thousands of bookplates for sale. His website (in German) is well laid out and you should be able to find some items of interest.

Howard Prouty of ReadInk Books has a Hollywood "Bookplate Graveyard"

Thanks to Will Smith of HangFire Books I made some modifications to the blog so that it downloads more rapidly. In addition, a search engine was added to locate specific topics within the archives. Will , by the way has a great bookseller's blog with an edge.

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