Saturday, December 06, 2008

Christmas Gifts For Bookplate Enthusiasts

Here are two bookplate books which I use frequently .They belong in any Bookplate reference library. Dr. Butler's book American Bookplates is available from the author at $29.95 plus postage
Primrose Press , Inc.
155 Mt. Rock Road
Newville , Pa. 17241-8916
Tel. 717 776 7359

Fridolf Johnson's book A Treasury of Bookplates from the Renaissance to the Present is an excellent starter book , readily available from your local bookseller for under $20.00

This has nothing to do with bookplates but I thought it might interest you.

The Jaffe clan met with Santa earlier this week and while in New York I stopped off at Christie's to pick up a bowl .When they were packing it I thumbed through some literature in the reception area and got caught up in reading about Dunnellen Hall , the former country estate of Harry B. and Leona M. Helmsley. Here is the good news for those of you who are house hunting in Connecticut. The price has been reduced from $125,000,000 to $95,000,000. I have been reading about Leona Helmsley and doubt she deserved all the nasty press she got , not to mention a stiff jail term . Some people are just jealous of the rich and famous .
Speaking of the rich and famous, you might was to visit Nick Harvill Libraries. He has a number of books for sale ,with celebrity bookplates .
If you want to buy some bookplates to start or add to a collection contact me and I will try to assist you. Here is a link to my bookplates currently for sale on Ebay:
See you next week.

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