Saturday, June 13, 2009

Some Hollywood Icons Who Loved Books

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The two Wanger plates are by Asa Cheefetz

The Erich von Stroheim plate was done by Victor Bassinett

The George Stevens plate was done by Anthony Euwer

In doing my research for this posting I stumbled upon an interesting group of blogs all about the golden years of Hollywood. I contacted Cliff Aliperti and asked him to tell me a bit more about his blogs. Here is what he had to say:

I have several sites and blogs. The one you'd asked me about specifically is

VintageMeld was conceived as my "home base" of operations, where I could share information about the items I handle for sale, ( movie collectibles and magazine back issues). It is a labor of love , a cross between a business and my personal interests.I've also begun soliciting information from my customers, and the general public at
about how they display their collections. This is a question I'm often asked about magazines.My first site, Http://
, is about vintage movie cards, collectibles, and the classic film stars themselves. I have a couple of excellent freelance writers, Tammy Stone and Susan M. Kelly, who have been with me since 2002. They submit well researched articles about the stars and I put together the "Photo ID Guides" which are photo checklists of items I've handled. My Collecting Old Magazines site
has been incorporated into the main things-and-other-stuff site and includes notes on magazine collecting.
is where I share the contents of the magazines I list for sale for purposes of research. If you are looking for an article about a specific subject or by a certain author, just search the magwiki and hopefully you'll find an old magazine title to hunt down.Last but not least I have a fan site dedicated to the now obscure 1930's and 40's film star Warren William
- he's the fellow shown in the movie poster over my shoulder in the photo .


Tom Boss has added many more bookplates for sale ,at his website.It is well worth a visit.
That's about it for this week. See you next Sunday.

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Cliff Aliperti said...

Thanks for including me in this post, Lew. Though I do deal with all types of movie ephemera I've yet to handle any bookplates. These plates are actually from books in the libraries of these Hollywood stars and personalities? That's really neat! Thanks again--