Friday, June 26, 2009

Booth Tarkington's Bookplates

Click On Images To Enlarge Booth Tarkington had three bookplates that I am aware of.
The one below was designed by Jack Stark

The one below was designed by Anna Hasselman

Here are some links that should be of interest :
Fellow collector Richard Schimmelpfeng has put together an impressive list of duplicate bookplate books which are for sale . Many items on the list are priced at $15.00 plus postage. If you contact him he will send you the complete list. His email is
Fellow collector Jim Lewis sent me this link to the digital bookplate collection at Winterthur.
It contains many 18th century American bookplates.
I received an online bookplate catalog from Wolfgang Rieger.
Here is a blog about the bookplates of Joseph Gleeson- White
Last , but not least Jim Keenan has launched a new blog to attract new members for the American Society of Bookplate Collectors And Designers
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Anonymous said...

Mr. Jaffee, The library of Congress has a 4th, photomechanically printed in black and red. It reads: Louisa and Booth their book and shows a couple reading. Ruthven Deane has inscribed on verso: Des. by Margaret Steel Newbacher/Neuberger Indianapolis. (both names are written). Any idea which last name is correct?

Sara Duke, Curator, Prints & Photographs Division, Library of Congress.

Lew Jaffe said...

The correct name is Margaret Steele Neubacher. She was the daughter of Thiodore Clement Steele