Saturday, June 20, 2009

This Week In Bookplates 6/20/2009

I was sorting through some bookplates when I noticed Mrs.Prescott's bookplate.I guess it preceded the feminist movement.


A fifty year collection of pocket watches was sold at auction on Saturday by Leo P. Legare
The Charles Bond watch paper (bottom row , left) was engraved by J.V.N. Throop between 1827 and 1836.

Among the lots were a number of watch papers. A while back I wrote about watch papers.

I bid on the three illustrated lots. If I was not on a fixed income I would be dangerous.

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My focus is on American and English bookplates but this striking image by Josef Vachal appealed to me. It was purchased on Ebay and I will probably frame and hang it above my desk.

The Cooperstown Antiquarian Book Fair is next Saturday (June 27th). I plan to be there .

They don't have a website but you can get get detailed information at 800 322 2995

See you next week.

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