Sunday, November 08, 2009

California Birds, Bookplates and Booksellers

Richard Wagener is one of the premier wood engravers working in the United States today. "He characterizes the bird he chose for his personal ex libris as the eccentric Emu"
I like bookplates from California in general and this simple design from a Santa Barbara circulating library also appeals to me.

Here are three California bookplates with Peacocks.They look much better on bookplates then they do strutting around the halls of congress. The O'Farrell bookplate was designed by Anthony Euwer. The Baldwin plate was done by Harry French

Clare Ryan Talbot at age 74 in her exhibit booth at the Jack London Square Book Show.

Her book Historic California in Bookplates belongs in your library if you do not already have a copy.

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Audrey Spencer Arellanes was the driving force in The American Society Of Bookplate Collectors and Designers for well over twenty five years.When she died several years ago I purchased some California bookplate ephemera from her estate. Some of the items were from the Santa Barbara Bookseller Helen Halbach and some were from The California author and bookseller Clare Ryan Talbot.

Here are four bookplates from Helen Halbach. I never met her but just from her bookplates you can see she had a sense of humor.On the back of the Sherlock Holmes plate she made the following notation " Sherlockian Bookplate for new Sherlockian book"

The EP bookplate is very small, (one inch wide by one inch high) and strangely seductive.It would have been almost impossible to identify had it not come with a trade card from The Cawston Ostrich Farm in Pasadena , California signed on the back by Edna Porter. I have not made a connection yet between Ms. Porter and the bird farm. Perhaps she worked there.

Here is a link to some information about the farm:

On Thursday, I leave for Boston ( big time bookplate hunt). Chances are I will be wiped out by the time I return next weekend so the next posting on the blog may not appear until Monday Nov.16th. See you then.

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