Sunday, November 22, 2009

Theatrical Bookplates Part One
If I find a bookplate related to any aspect of the film or stage professions I usually buy it. If you immediately recognize more then three of these celebrities it means you are either much older than I am (72) and you are to be congratulated for your great memory or you are a film/theatre buff.
Biographical links have been added if you want to learn more and I have indicated the bookplate artists wherever possible. If you have any theatrical bookplates to share with us please send a scan to Marlowe/Sothern plate engraved by Tiffany& Co. Lionel Atwill used a universal plate by Bank Gordon The artist's name is hard to read .It appears to be R.C. Chase

TheFania Marinoff plate was done by Willy Pogany

Next week I will add another group of theatrical bookplates.See you then.
11/27/2009- Here is a link to the bookplates I currently have for sale on E Bay

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MrCachet said...

I like the Harry Walden. Do you suppose he had a head to match the masks? I believe the article that I sent mentioned that bookplate artists often try to make them appropriate to the person for which the plate is created. He's got an awfully grave visage in the portrait.