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Collector Profile Robert J. Weinberg

Bookplate Collector Profile - Robert J. Weinberg

One day in the 1960's, I was at my mother's house. She was a member of the Book of the Month Club. I opened one of her books and noticed a bookplate with her name on it given to her by the BOMC. I thought that would be fun to collect -only I would like famous Americans.

The first person I wrote to was Eleanor Roosevelt who was living in New York City and writing her column called "My Day". I wrote-" Dear Mrs. Roosevelt-I am a bookplate collector. Do you have a bookplate?" One week later, she responded by saying she did not have a bookplate but thanked me for writing. WOW. A personal letter from Mrs. Roosevelt.

The next person I wrote to was Bennett Cerf, President of Random House. Again, the same query as with Mrs. Roosevelt. A week later, he replied-" Dear Mr. Weinberg- Thank you for writing. I am enclosing two bookplates designed for me by Rockwell Kent." That was my watershed moment!!! I was hooked.

As my American collection grew over the years, I noticed that I had several bookplates on Lincolniana--books and library collections about Lincoln. I am a great admirer of Lincoln, probably due to my high school days, when I memorized the Gettysburg Address. He gave me inspiration then and still does.

My quest for Lincoln continues.
If you have any Lincoln bookplates for sale or exchange please let me know

These two were etched by Bernhardt Wall

Designed By Will Simmons

The Charles W. McLellan plate was engraved by A.N. Macdonald

This is the sixth or seventh American collector profile which has been published.I look forward to getting more submissions from collectors in Europe,Canada , Asia, and other countries outside the U.S.. If you do not speak English fluently your profile will be edited and spell checked.
The profile guidelines are very loosely structured . Just send me a paragraph or two about yourself and what you collect. A photograph is not required but it does add a nice touch to the profile. Send your profile to
Here is a link to the winners of the evil orchid bookplate contest sponsored by a journey round my skull.
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