Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bed Bugs and Bookplates

I could not find any bookplates with bed bug images so I selected some very distant relatives, a mite and a book worm

There has been quite a bit of media hype recently about bed bugs, similar to the hype several years ago about killer bees. This time around the hype seems to be justified.

In the alternate universe of bookplate collecting I can usually escape from all kinds of horrors, real and imaginary . Bed Bugs have crept into my universe because they appear to be more than just media hype. This is what I did defensively before my recent trip to Hartford:
I read quite a bit about bed bugs.

It sounds crazy but there is a bedbug registry

When I found the site last week it downloaded quickly . I was able to search bedbug reports by location and hotel name. My hotel did not have any negative reports.

I packed a magnifying glass and a flash light . As soon as I entered the hotel room I stripped the bed and carefully examined the mattress , with special emphasis on the seams .

The good news is (thank God) that everything worked out fine.

You might think this is a goofy or inappropriate posting , especially if you come here to look at pretty bookplates. On the other hand, if one reader is prevented from checking into a hotel which has a bedbug problem I have done something worthwhile.
I will be back with a more upbeat posting next Sunday.. See you then.

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