Sunday, August 08, 2010

This Week in Bookplates 8/8/2010

I suppose I should have titled this week's posting American Art Nouveau Bookplates.

Dr. Weston D. Bayley was a Neurologist who taught at the Hahnemann Medical College in Philadelphia. He died in 1931 at the age of 64. Throughout his life he was actively involved in the study of hypnotism and psychic research. The artist who did the bookplate is unknown to me and his(her) cypher is shown below.

The illustration shown above was designed by Elihu Vedder and engraved by Frederic Spenceley
It may have been a proof for a book illustration

Anthony Euwer designed this plate for Carl E. Cameron. With the scales of justice and the oil wells in the background you would think it would be easy to get biographical information about Mr. Cameron but I have not found any yet .

The bookplate for the American publisher Copeland and Day was designed by Charles Ricketts of England

The Hortense Levy plate was designed by A.A. Blum

George Rivet Van Namee was a New York state lawyer, politician . His plate was designed by E. F. VanNamee
If you have other Art Nouveau American bookplates and want them included in this posting please send a scan to
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